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A hard-working BAHAMIAN OWNED AND OPERATED alternative energy company based in Freeport, Grand Bahama.  POWERPLUS BAHAMAS is part of a larger international group of alternative energy project providers called the NET ZERO development group. The goal is NET ZERO energy costs.

Elizabeth Collins, Owner
Peter Collins, Finance Consultant
Taylor Ferguson, Sales and Marketing
Greg Uptagrafft, Sales and Technical

Conservation is the biggest piece to the Energy Reduction puzzle in the Bahamas.​

GenPro Energy Solutions Corp.

13261 Timberline Plaza, STE B

Piedmont, SD 57769

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Email:  info@genproenergy.com

Website: www.genproenergy.com

GENPRO Energy Solutions delivers sustainable renewable energy products and systems worldwide.  Products include solar modules, solar wind turbines, solar thermal heating systems, water purification systems, LED lighting, grid-tie and off-grid systems and more.... ​


SOLAR COOL Caribbean is the Master Distributor of SOLAR COOL International technology products for TheBahamas and The Caribbean. SOLAR COOL InternationaI,  a global Solar cooling, heating and refrigeration Alternative Energy Products Manufacturer.    

MD for International Business

SolarCool International 

Office: 0844 33 00 321 Mobile: 07912 178969


The Bahamas:


Green Energy Services, another GreenTech Energy Partners company reduces energy costs between 10% - 30% without switching energy providers, curtailing services during peak operating hours or replacing expensive equipment.


  • Energy Usage Optimization Technology

  • Energy Management

  • Building Automation

  • Payback of less than 24 months


.....bottom line; we save you energy and save you money.

....the only SOLAR COOL certified solar thermal air conditioning installer in The Bahamas.


#35 Jerome Ave.

P. O. Box CB-10959

Nassau, Bahamas

T: 242-393-0117

F: 242-393-1107




“We look forward to meeting with you and helping you define your energy reduction goals, develop solutions - and realize them! So what are you waiting for, call us" 

Greg Uptagrafft, Sales and Technical Representative