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POWERPLUSPLUS BAHAMAS has completed numerous residential projects (i.e solar pool pumps, irrigation, residential hot water, pool heating, electric and LED lighting).  We have completed a number of large scale projects as indicated below and working with other companies in pursuit of overall Energy Reduction.

POWERPLUS BAHAMAS provided Kellys and Dolly Madison with LED lighting for the entire store interiors.  After installation, the response from customers and staff was truly astounding.  Estimated energy savings $60 - $70k/annually.


successfully completed LED lighting and Solar Thermal Air Conditioning projects for Bahamas Telecommunication Co. 

POWERPLUS BAHAMAS is working with Bahamas Electricity Corp. and providing new energy reducing LED street lighting.  Better lighting, less energy.

POWERPLUS BAHAMAS is working very closely with TAINO Beach Resort  with all their potential areas that result in energy savings.  Some of these include the first step of changing out some of their major lighting to LED lighting technologies for approximately 60-70% savings. 

We are also providing energy saving ideas like solar pool pumps, Power Factoring, Variable Frequency Drives, Solar Air Conditioning and more...​

POWERPLUS BAHAMAS recently provided all new lighting and for the new Sawyers Fresh Market at Nassau Village in Nassau, Bahamas.  Approximately $70/annually in savings compared to orinally installed lighting. 

POWERPLUS BAHAMAS also provided the same type lighting technology for the Sawyers Whole store in Freeport, Grand Bahama. 

The customer was extrememly happy with the new lights and the potential savings.  

POWERPLUS BAHAMAS completed a solar lighting pilot project; providing lighting for the oil tank fields.  

LED lighting technologies are brighter, longer lasting and can save 60-80% on you lighting bill!!..... "More light less money"!!!

Bahamas; let's make a change for our future!!"